Whatsapp Profile new amazing trick 2020

Hello friends, welcome very much to all of you, inside the article, friends, today I will tell you all about this awesome trick of WhatsApp inside this article, if friends, you learn this trick, then you will be very happy to run WhatsApp. Will be more fun

So let’s know what this trick is going to do in WhatsApp, then friends, let me tell you that this trick is if you put a WhatsApp profile, then this trick will be liked by all of you and your friends with this trick If you see your friend then you will be surprised that the hundred percent will go to the Chowk and will say that man you have new features in your WhatsApp and how you can use your WhatsApp in a different way.

how to use what’s crop app

So friend, if you go to put a profile picture on WhatsApp, you will see that you are not able to put a full size profile photo of your photo, but if you are going to do this trick, I will tell you how to make your WhatsApp profile picture flower If you want to put a friend, then if you want to apply, first of all you will have to go to the Play Store from your

mobile and install an application called Whatscrop, so as you open it by installing it, here friends what you have to do with the gallery By pasting the option, you have to select the photo that you want to make a profile picture, after putting it, you will have a share option next to it, like if you click on the lion option, then you have to go to your WhatsApp and go there If you want to do OK, then you will see that your profile picture on WhatsApp is finished and will look more beautiful

So friend, if you want to download this app, you can download this application by clicking on the download button below.

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