How to Omegle Video Chat on Android

How to Omegle Video Chat on Android

Omegle ( is one of the most popular chat websites where you can chat or use Omegle video calling where users on this platform are that they do not need to register and this website provides a world that allows us to chat online with strangers and we can use a webcam to talk face to face and More features are also available.

I know you are very crazy fans to use this How to Omegle Video Chat on Android in Your System or Device then you are coming a right without any wasting time lets known about Omegle Video Chat on Android 2021.

Features of Omegle

Downside key Features of Omegle are as following:-

  • Omegle service does not take any charge or fees, and there is no hidden charge.
  • Its video and audio quality is even better.
  • And that apps best things Instantly pair with anyone from the thousands of users at any time from anywhere.
  • without identifying yourself that website Allows free live video chat with unknown persons.
  • Not require any registration or login.

How to use Omegle video chat on Android

As you can see all step and you must follow all step and don’t miss any step maybe you get the error:-

  • First Download & Install the Puffin Browser on your Android or System device.
  • And Launch the Puffin Browser.
  • Now open Puffin Apps and Type ‘’ in the Address bar in Apps and press the enter key.
  • Now as you can be seen the screen will appear on your Android phone or your system.
  • Right now click on the option present on the top right corner of the puffin browser.
  • ‘Request desktop site’ so, Then enable the options present there.
  • Omegle website in the Desktop view when you convert in desktop mode.
  • Now you can Zoom in and click on the ‘Video’ option or Chat Option.
  • Now you able to Join the person and talk with that person.

Finally! We hope you will able to understand properly how you can use Omegle Video chat on Android phones. and here you can Meet new people, make friends, have fun talking to random strangers and Family, and enjoy your time with the Omegle video chat! Comment down and share you feeling with us.

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