How to location from mobile number

Hello, how are you guys, today I will tell you all about such a wonderful app, with the help of this app you will be able to know the current location of anyone by just entering the mobile number. Friends, if you also want to know his location from anyone’s mobile number, where is that guy now, then keep reading this article.

How to use this app?

Friends, I will tell you all how to use this application inside your mobile phone, first of all you will have to download this application inside your mobile phone. Below I am giving a link to all of you to download, by clicking, you can directly download this app.

App Download

Friends, as soon as you download this app inside your mobile phone, then all of you have to open this app, after opening the app, the first interface of all of you will get to see some of this way as if you were given below Will be able to see

1 Screenshot

2 Screenshot

Friends, as you will be able to see the above screenshot, all of you have to follow this simple step and you have to enter the mobile number of whichever location you want to know and you will know about it. Will go

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Friends, I hope all of you have learned how to track someone’s location with a mobile number and if you still have any question, you can comment on us. Thank you

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