How To Hide Dailpad Photo Video Contact All File

Hello friends, welcome very much to all of you in the article number friends in the country today, I am going to tell you all about such a wonderful work inside this article, with the help of which you can do photo video contact anything inside your dial pad. You can add us, yes friends, you are reading right, if you also want to hide your mobile’s dial pad without getting hidden, then you will be able to hide very easily if suppose you open a dial pad. Here, you will be able to call only by dialing the phone number here, but I will tell you all the techniques that if you apply this trick, then you can easily hide your entire file in your stomach.


So let’s learn how to hide all your mobile data in the dial stomach, so here I will tell you step by step and I will keep giving screenshots to you so that I can explain it to you better. You will be easy to understand

  • How To Hide Picture Video

Step 1-So all of you in this trick, you have to install an application in your mobile, friends, you get the application on the play store and if you want to download it, you can download it by clicking on the download button below, like you If you open this app, you will get some permission permission here, like now if you allow the permission here, then you will get some such interface here as shown by the screenshot below.

Step 2- Here, your right option is now visible, you have to click there, now as you click here, now a new interface will come in front of you and here you will see that a dial pad has been opened, so what will you do here You have to make a password in the dial pad, now as soon as you have created a password in the dial pad and after you create it, click on the dial option, then as soon as you do it for you, then there is something in front of you The interface of the way will come as I have shown you all below, you will be seeing here right now that the photo video contact is giving the option to hide everything.

Step 3- So now here you have to hide whatever you want to select the file as shown in the screenshot above in front of you, Photo Video Contact, in this way you will see the option, you have to click on whatever you want to hide there. After you click on it, after that you will see a plus icon in front of you, as soon as you do it for you, you will go into your file and from there you can hide whatever you want to hide. Do not have to do all your work, now after this, again you want to open it again, whatever you have hidden, then you have to come in this app, like you will come in this app, then you will see a simple dial pad in front of you and Whatever password you have created in the dial pad there, after creating the password, you will have to click on the dial as if you clicked, all the hidden folder will come in front of you.

So friends, this trick will be very amazing to me, so I thought that all of you should be told about this trick, hope this article will be liked by you, so you should share this article with your friends. Thank you

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