How To Delete Recovery Old Photo Video 2021

Hello friends very much welcome to all of you guys inside this new article, today I am going to tell you all inside this article how you will get your deleted photo video back, yes friends, in this article I am going to tell everyone that if your mobile and memory card is formed by mistake, your data such as photo video has been deleted, if you want to ask for me again, you will be able to ask for it very easily. I will tell you how to ask for a deleted video from your mobile.


So friends, inside this article today, you will know that if you ask for your deleted photo video back then for this I will tell you step by step, here you will have to read step by step and here I will give you a better way. I will also keep giving you screenshots below for you to explain.

How Recover Delete Photo Video

Step 1 .. First of all you have to install an application from the Play Store on your mobile, the app which is named Recover Delete Photo, in this way you will get the application on the PlayStore, if you want to install it, then you can download it below You can download this video by clicking as you open it down and you will come again in a few hours, as you are watching in the next state.

Step 2

You see an option here in front of you. Start basic scan, you have to click there. Now as soon as you click here, what kind of inter-face will go in front of you as you can see here.

Step 3

Now here you will see all the images that will be seen in front of you, so the image found will come in front of you in this way, as you can see on the screenshot above, after that you will see the option below. View file, you have to click there. There you will see the interface of something like this for you, as I have given the screenshot below.

Step 4

As you can see in the screenshot above, now what to do here is that you have to select all the photos and in front of them are sleeping all the photos which have been deleted from your phone, now here if you want, select above All you can do is turn the photo that you want to replenish the party cooler photo in your phone, then you can order from there and as soon as you click on the photo, the option below will give you the option to delete and restore. If you want to order a photo, then you will click on the restore one, just like you click on the restore one, that photo will come in front of you in the street.

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