Here Know About IHIP HMIS Systems and the Process to Login

IHIP HMIS systems: The Covid-19 pandemic, which recently terrified all facets of human life, recently struck the world. Businesses, schools, and other important institutions shut down, which stops the economy in its tracks. None of the first- to third-world countries escaped the pandemic unharmed. As a result, the government has put in place efficient measures to stop the pandemic or any subsequent occurrences. Major pandemics like the Spanish flu, Ebola, and others have occurred in the past. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Indian Central Government have joined forces to create a platform that aids in pandemic preparedness in an effort to combat the pandemic trend.

The Government of India created the Health Management Information System (HMIS) and Integrated Health Information Platform (IHIP), as well as the Integrated Health Surveillance Program, to aid in the analysis of epidemics and diseases. The government’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, in coordination with the WHO technical team, built the IHIP HMIS systems. The system assists in gathering health data from numerous initiatives and organizations.

Know the IHIP HMIS Login

IHIP permits Indian residents to use electronic health records (EHR). The technology can be used by medical personnel to deliver better care, secure patient data, and make better diagnostics for all diseases. This will put an end to incorrect diagnoses, frequent hospital stays, and inexpensive healthcare services nationwide. A better platform for healthcare members to gather data at the district and state levels will be made available by IHIP HMIS. As a result, all Indian states will be covered, diseases and epidemics will not repeat, and better treatments will be available in the event of an issue.

The Government of India created the well-known NHM program to aid in the implementation of health care needs and services for individuals living in urban, rural, and remote locations. The system is applicable to all citizens and promotes innovation, regular monitoring, and evaluation of health care.

Types of NHM programs

  • National Rural Health Mission: On April 5, 2005, a program for the rural sector was introduced.
  • The National Urban Health Mission is a 2013 initiative for urban populations.

HMIS Login Process

How to login HMIS Portal

  1. Click the following link to access the HMIS website:
  2. Open the login page to use the “Sign-in” option.
  3. You must then enter your login information, password, and captcha code.
  4. After logging in, the page will display the choice for the Update Health feature.
  5. To edit the details, enter the necessary information and press “Yes.”
  6. Are you sure you want to send the update request? will appear on the screen as a confirmation request from the system.
  7. To accept the information, click the “Yes” button.
  8. The district and state officials will get the amended information for approval.
  9. The administration’s permission will facilitate the next steps.
  10. “Please wait for approval of health feature update,” will read the message that appears on the website.
  11. As long as the District/State Administration has not approved the facility, the notification will stay on the screen.
  12. When the notice “Login on this screen” shows, log into the account to continue.
  13. Select the Administration option, then choose the list of requests for health facilities.
  14. View the page to see the healthcare request’s “pending status.”
  15. The user should select “Approve for the page to indicate approved status” when given the choice between “Approve or Reject” on the page.
  16. Continue using the Portal and updating your profile.
  17. After providing all the necessary information, select the Update tab.
  18. The profile will display as approved on the system.

Reset HMIS Username and Password

  • Visit the HMIS portal’s official website at!/.
  • Select the “Login” option on the homepage after opening it.
  • When the login page appears, choose the Reset Password tab.
  • Once you’ve entered your username, click “Submit.”
  • The user can generate a new password on the website.

How to Do HMIS Data Entry Format

  • Employing your User ID and Password, access your HMIS account.
  • Select the user category of your choice:
  • HSC user
  • PSC user
  • CHC user
  • SDH user
  • DH user
  • DHQ user
  • Proceed to data entry types
  • daily data entry
  • monthly service delivery
  • Quarterly Infrastructure and Human Resources.
  • Pick your desired type, then follow the directions.
  • HSC User Daily Entry is completed through its user.
  • There are three choices for entering monthly data.
  • Data Elements of Reproductive and Child Health
  • health facility services
  • stock related.

Users can enter any data by selecting any of the above options.


HMIS users can also operate the system through the HMIS App downloaded to their device as follows:

  • Go to the HMIS portal.
  • Select the “Download” button on the homepage.
  • Next, select the option “HMIS Android Mobile App”.
  • The app will be downloaded to your device by the system.

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